tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

There hasn't been much good graffiti round town lately - what's with that?

My stomach is telling me it doesn't want coffee. Weird. In fact, my eating habits seem to have changed quite drastically lately. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. In the respect that (mostly - ie when I'm remembering to eat) I have more energy, it's good. In the respect that I'm now struggling to find pants to fit me in shops, it's not so good. Oh well, apparently I have belt fu so I may experiment with that, you know.. go for a hip hop/grunge look. Only grunge is ewie. Hmm. Take up clowning?

(Ok ok, I'm hearing the thoughts - "Tats, you are already a clown." And your point is..?) Or krumping? Only, I'm not that good at the stripper dance. "*phew*" I hear you say..

Anyone driven the road between Turangi and Taupo lately? They have these signs that are designed to 'make you think.' Well, they make me think alright, but I'm still not sure what they make me think. Judge for yourself:

Inspires confidence, doesn't it?

How about this one - this also fits into the graffiti category:

And then there's this from Cuba Mall, which isn't a road sign. Not sure what it's about but I found it amusing:

Stick figure pr0n! Who can resist stick figure pr0n?

And, because we are all missing the random links these days, I thought I'd do my bit for the cause. Have a thing. (Google video that cracked me up).

So my friend with the sperm donor is now in 'final countdown' to the arrival of said donor. He arrives on Friday and will be staying for four weeks (two cycles in sheep farming terms). She's furiously spring cleaned her house and it just dawned on her last night that she's having a guest in her (tiny) place for FOUR WEEKS! You know the Chinese proverb - "Visitors like fish - after three days start to stink"? Hmm, yeah. She's determined, she's definitely going ahead with it, but yeah. That idea would freak me out too.

Last night there were sheep. The people took my photo pretty much constantly while I was shearing them. Heh, just call me Supermodel. "Give me sweat!" "Give me red-in-the-face!" "Give me hoof-up-the-nose!" Give me a break. How does one look good while shearing? Answer: One doesn't. One just hopes the act of shearing is impressive enough to cover the obvious detractions from one's cool. And it does give you nice back muscles..
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