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One fine day on a live volcano...

Two people, a mountain, lots of excess energy and a camera is a recipe for..

Giant Si goes for a walk. No, Giant Si! Don't stand on the Little People!

Cos, you know, where else to practice your invert skillz0rs but the crater of a live volcano..

My arms look like sausages in this photo. Weird.

Yes, there were many people standing around by the time we finished taking these..

How to look like you're really enjoying yourself. Why just stand there like a mullet in photos?

In fact one person even came over and said "I like your style!" But I didn't notice anyone else doing it.. hmm.

My version of saying cheese.

After all that leaping about, how about some stylin' cliff-edge moves?

And then, a swim. *grin* Splashing about in Blue lake. Yup, the green one is Emerald Lake. All very originally named.

So, um, most of the people were convinced we were crazy. I ripped my pants and have a very impressive bruise up my right shin and a twisted ankle. It took 7 1/2 hours, with goofing around (there was MUCH goofing around) and actual proper rest stops (of which there were 2).

I thoroughly recommend this for anyone who wants to do a challenging thing that only takes a day and is within the grasp of most people, fitness-wise. tigerweave, it's a combination. It's 17km. About 10 of it is formed, smooth track. There are about 3km of bits with track and steps, the steps being of varying heights. There's about a km of scree which is steep. The remaining 3km are mainly dirt track between and scrambling up and over rocks of varying sizes (football size to horse size). I could do it with my glasses off, I think. But I'd allow a couple of extra hours..

It was fun. Definitely worth doing. Choose your company carefully if you go - it would be a long time to put up with whinging. I was surprised how many people didn't have basic survival gear with them - like they expected it to always be sunny and that we weren't really in an alpine environment at all. Luckily The Last Boy Scout didn't need to dish out survival blankets to the dumb people this time. Wear sunscreen. [/lecture]

I was very impressed with Extreme Backpackers, despite their silly name. $24 for my share of a twin room (that could sleep 3 people at $15 for the extra), freshly painted, good facilities, no giant bugs. Comfortable slat beds too! So yeah, that's my new Good Place To Stay on the Turangi side of the mountain.

Andandand, in other OMG see-saw news, email this morning from the payroll guy. We're all getting a 3% payrise, backdated to the beginning of the year! "Phooey, no big deal", I hear you say. Well phooeey to you too - it's the first job I've ever been in where payrises just happen without me doing anything to start them off. I may buy an mp3 player with what amounts to a bonus - road trips being the theme of the season I think being able to play mp3s in my car would be good. Recommendations?

Gosh. Maybe the universe does like me..

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