tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Nothing like strolling around a dormant volcano

I'm about to leave for this relay thing. I get to go for a fairly short walk at 6am in the morning, then I'm done. I'm not sure why people at work are teasing me as if it'll be hard, I'm really not. I'm also not sure how I got roped in - I mentioned I like walking and next thing I'm getting emailed timetables and motel bookings. Urk. But, you know, one of the best kinds of out-of-the-ordinary activity is one where you Do Nothing Now and then it just happens and you go along with it.

I'm actually more concerned about going up there in a car with Chaos Lady - I'm afraid she'll drive like she lives her life and I'll be adrenaline rushing all the way there and back. ;-/

Anyway, no Internets for me till I get back on Sunday. Please ensure you all misbehave so I have interesting stuff to read about when I get back, K? Anything to drown out the flamewar that's about to happen on one of my Yahoo groups (Polly, Jez - you know the one)..

Anyway, [Tats Walking Skillz0rs] ftw! Nyah.
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