tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I dreamed I was looking for shiny pauas on the seabed, and couldn't find any.

This is cool. Thanks wafwot. I especially like 'Belly Movin' because, well, you try listening to it without seat-dancing.

So there's this woman I work with. She's one of those people that attracts chaos. For example, last night she was having dinner with a friend, and in walks some guy who immediately starts berating one of the people at the bar. Next, he walks up to her, says "And as for you, you little bitch!" and hits her. It was a case of mistaken identity, she doesn't know the guy from a bar of soap (actually she probably does. i mean, man.. soap. how dumb would you have to be? but anyway..). After that, she's on her way home and some car backs out of a parking space and smacks into her, pulls forward, and backs into her again. Once again a total stranger. She goes away on holiday, the bank makes a mistake and all her APs stop, including rent and other vital things.

This is how her life goes. Thing is, we work next to each other and I get to overhear her having manymany personal phone calls at work, usually about drama (where drama includes gossip, taking sides in messy breakups, a certain amount of backstabbing and arguments with the current SO), and her phone is constantly beeping with texts. Oh yeah, the phone plays a tune - it's an old 80s one and it bugs me that I can't figure out what song it is. I know more details of this woman's personal life than I know of my brother.

So anyway, I have this theory about people like that. The theory being something along the lines of 'what you put out is what you get back.' OK, she's an extreme example, but if I think about it, I can see where she's attracting the kind of people who bring chaos with them, and also putting out 'whack me sideways' vibes to the universe. On the surface she's organised, polite, well-dressed. Scratch the surface and there's all this - tangled-up stuff - going on. And she's getting exactly what she's asking for. I quite like her. But I am staying a safe distance from her. Am I a judgemental snob?

Also, it does make me wonder about what sort of things I'm putting out and attracting (because really, you know, it's all about me). It also makes me ponder on the events of the beginning of this year, and the people associated with them, and what they are putting out and attracting. But I think too much, you know this. So then I think about this and all becomes clear. Mmmhmmm...

Road trip destination suggestions please. At the moment I have trips organised to Auckland (U2), Taupo (relay), National Park (Tongariro Crossing), Levin (Green Man festival). Need one more. Recommendations?
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