tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Being hot and wet is as bad as being cold and wet - or, why do I keep forgetting I own a brolly?

From Harper's Weekly:

"A two-year, $939,233 study commissioned by the U.S. Justice Department found that inmates who claim to have been raped in prison are usually lying. In prison, the study explained, sexual pressure is not seen as coercion; rather, "sexual pressure ushers, guides, or shepherds the process of sexual awakening." "

I wonder if they'd feel the same if the people complaining of rape were children? What has the point of view of the perpetrator got to do with how the victim feels about it? I'm pretty sure lots of convicted rapists think their victim was asking for it, too. I've even heard it said "I was doing her a favour. She needed some." Blergh. Idiots.

And in good news, "Google refused to comply with a Bush Administration subpoena demanding the records for a week's worth of search queries. Yahoo! and Microsoft, however, complied fully, while America Online said it had complied partially."

Go Google! Boo to the rest of them. So, anyone used Yahoo to search for things like 'rocket engine' or 'muslim culture' this week?

Last night I dreamed I was being hunted by the 'powers that be' (nasty evil fuckers) because of my association with a certain person. I was torn between disassociating myself from the person (who was some kind of resistance-free-thinking type) to avoid being hunted, and sticking by them because I believed in them and because they were my friend. I ended up sticking with them. It got pretty nasty. But I got to shiho nage a military police officer and unlike reality, it actually worked!

There is Stuff formulating in the back of my mind - a possible reason for and solution to some of the less lucky* parts of my life. We shall see.

*Generally I consider myself to be pretty lucky. I also believe that you make your own luck. There are some areas where I've been consistently unlucky.
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