tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Scary parallels

I've been reading pro-ana websites (don't ask). It occurred to me as I transferred money to my credit card and savings - leaving myself in Bakedbeansville till next payday - then went back to my 'Holy crap this is a religion for some people!' reading, that being miserly with money is anorexia of a different kind.

Sure, it won't kill you. Well, unless you decide to skimp on home heating in the middle of hell freezing over - or buy the budget food that's missing a vital mineral, or whatever.

But it has the same power to take over the mind, the same aspects of control, and the same bean-counting methodical aspect of familiar mind-tracks.

It scared me how good it felt to be depriving myself of spending money to reach my goal of X amount of dollars in the bank.
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