tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Finding that balance

Happiness is:
    Watching First hooning around on the beach with the other dogs, just like she's been doing it all her life.
    Picking up my new shearing plant, to discover that it's exactly the same as the old one, only.. well, newer.
    Killing 3 MC bosses and 3 ZG ones in the same day, the ZG ones being a guild run. Being the one to strike the killing blow on Gehennas (through virtue of being the only one left alive).
    Getting out of town with Polly.
    Practicing swords with bananas. (You should try it. Bananas are very non-threatening)
    Giving Tree inspiration.
    Handstands in the park! Whee!
    Discovering I don't need to put gunk in my hair at all with the new cut. This is the opposite of what I thought, and makes me happy.
    Actually having free time to go to poi tonight.

Not-so-happiness is:
    Finding out the whale that swam up the Thames has died.
    The balance of my BM fund going below $1000. This is not too bad because the money spent enables me to make more.
    Car needs new tyre. Damn money pit.
    Typing 'tyre' using the American spelling without realising, having to go back and change it. *beats self with stick*
    Concern that someone is not talking to me. Paranoid fear that I've somehow pissed them off without realising. <-- Yes I know this is silly.

In other news, I left the .petsnark community. It was getting boring, always the same things being snarked in the same way, and a whole bunch of black-and-white thinking. Boring and mildly irritating. I was tempted to do a parting post containing all the things that are guaranteed to push people's buttons, but meh.

This week I start advertising. I'm thinking vet noticeboards, feed stores, Wrightsons. Considering a letterbox drop at some stage, but I'd like to have my grinder set up first. Anyone have a workshop with three-phase power that wouldn't mind a grinder set up in the corner? Or know anyone selling cheap inverters?

Also, did you know that having hayfever makes your breasts stiff? It's true! I saw it on TV! There's this advert. It has this virtual woman with hayfever. She has a really big red head and boobs like balloons that don't move. She takes *generic hayfever drug* and lo! her head shrinks back to normal size and her breasts start bouncing around with gleeful abandon! So there you have it. Speaking of which, my nipples are trying to introduce themselves to people today. It's, um.. odd.

And my pants are growing. They are almost at the falling down stage. *goes to get a belt*
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