tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And while we are on the subject of tickets

It would appear that Ticketek have mislaid the tickets I bought for Gala of the Royal Horses. They are checking to see if they've fallen behind a desk in the Wellington office.

But, fear not! The Amazing Powers of the Ranting Tats have overcome this small hitch. If they really can't find them, I'll be issued with a Lost Ticket Pass. It means that I have to present my credit card and i.d. and stuff at the box office on the night, and you lot have to pretend to be my friends in order to get in, then sit with me while I drool all over myself.

*drums fingers over BM ticket website collapsing*

What's with all these ticket sites being so crappy? Anyone would think they didn't actually want us to go to stuff.
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