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Today the wind is blowing. It's the kind of wind that gets into all the corners and picks up the crap that's been there for a while, takes it away and dumps it out in the middle of one of the emptiest bits of ocean on the planet. Usually, around here, a good nor'wester is followed up by a good southerly, that chills and brings rain and washes off the last of the dust.

I reckon people should go out and stand in it, face into it and let it blow through their hair. It feels really good (better than one of Ben's head massages and that's saying something) and makes you feel clean in a unique way. And it's not cold.

These days, most of us use some kind of hair product. I was one of the last hold-outs, but eventually I succumbed and nowadays at least 50% of the time there is some kind of gunk in my hair. I notice it. It makes my scalp feel a little smothered, and my hair doesn't move in individual strands, but kind of in clumps. It contributes, I think, to a general feeling of glugginess.

Being able to feel air getting right to the scalp and each individual hair moving about freely is wonderful (if not conducive to funky hair). Sometimes feeling good and getting rid of the glugginess is more important than funky hair. So before I go stand in the wind and let it blow my gunk away, I'm going to wash my hair for that extra added feeling of clean. And, somehow, it works on the inside of your head too.

Go on, try it. I dare you. Everyone could use a good blow now and then, don't you agree?

I'm also going to go stand in the rain when it comes, because that works too. Double dose of weather-freshness never killed anyone, and right now this part of the world could do with a bit of a clean, IMO.

I've been roped into the Round Taupo relay. Gosh. Me, as one of those crazy people I see on the side of the road when out driving. Luckily, my stint is at 5am so nobody will see this particular brand of lunacy. And you never know, it could be fun. Daybreak by the lake, etc.

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