tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I have consulted the oracle

And Ishkur, God of Wanky Pretentious Musical Genre Naming, informs me that Glitch is indeed a recognised sub-sub-genre of electronic music.

He says this:

"If the naysayers have been complaining a lot that electronic music just sounds like a cd skipping over and over again, you can now show them this genre as verifiable proof that YES - indeed, that is what the music is doing. Clicks, cuts, scratchy, sped-up samples, and everything but the kitchen sink. This is sound collage music, put together with all the skill and ingenuity of a 5 year old finger painting. And Glitch rules for that stupid fact alone."

It comes as a subgenre of a weird genre called 'Braindance' which also contains such gems as 'Industrial', 'Experimental' and 'IDM' - that is, 'intelligent dance music' - which it isn't. Lets face it, guys, even discussing the intelligence of music is silly.

The only thing that drum n bass and glitch have in common is that they can both be loosely grouped under 'Jungle'.

So there we have it folks, until it's listed on Ishkur, it's not a real genre. Even when it is, it'll still be wanky and pretentious. And he's the first to admit it. Go on, read what he has to say about IDM..

Yes, I know, I know, I now have the Pretento-wank title for Wednesday. But please, no more mixing one thing with another and assuming you've made something new. Please.
Tags: electronica
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