tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Crunch time

So. The chap that owns the shearing plant I've been using (who, incidentally, is ok to deal with on the phone but makes my skin crawl in person) has decided that, despite not wanting to shear any more, he doesn't want to sell his plant and he wants it back.

This leaves me in a position where I have to decide: is it worth spending the money to continue, or should I pack it in while I'm ahead? Basically, without a machine I can't do it so the option is to buy one.

There are none available second hand at the moment. New ones start at $900 for the smallest one, which is driven off a car battery. I have one chap I can phone who might be willing to sell me one he has in a shed, but it's a long shot.

So, do I spend the money, or not? I have the money, but it would mean slicing heavily into my Burning Man savings. *sigh*

I've made around $1300 in approximately 6 easy days' work shearing.
I like doing it.
Owning my own plant would mean that when I get my farm I'll have the stuff I need.
Never having to deal with skin-crawly guy again.

Argh! My Burning Man money!
What if I buy a lemon?
Not knowing exactly how much I can expect to make a year from it, and therefore whether the recent business is indicative of monthly average. Pretty sure it's not.
*sob* My Burning Man money!

Any sensible suggestions, ideas or slaps upside the head gratefully accepted.

And in other news, I reiterate what everyone else said about going back to work.
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