tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The Society of Insufferable Pedants vs Max Clothing

I should have a job in continuity. I'm the one that points out that horses can't whinny while running in the cowboy movies. You know, the one everyone hates? And this one is right up my alley. By popular demand*, I bring you:

1) (both of the 1's) This tube should be vertical, and since the other 1) is showing where the machines are, I'd love to know what this tube is attached to. I've also never seen a tube this length. It's all been put together wrong.

2) High heel boots? Can we say 'broken tailbone?'

3) Lady, you are supposed to be shearing the sheep, not stabbing it! Hold the handpiece like a pencil.

4) A skirt? Wool boils ahoy! Those legs will not be so sexy with big red welts all over them.

5) Nobody shears sheep with their tits hanging out. The sheep bite them. I kid you not.

6) Long hair, not tied back, quickly becomes short hair.

7) Hat? And how is that staying on your head, and why have you not died of heat stroke in that corrugated iron shed?

8) The sheep that thrashed around enough to spread the fleece this far is not the same one as the one standing calmly in the picture - unless that spray can contains tranquilisers.

*sigh* I know realistic shearing apparel isn't sexy but oh man. They could've at least tried to get it right.

Nice shade of pink though. I really hope the slogan doesn't say 'Keeping NZ Real..'

Also, for everyone who hasn't had the best week ever:

*big smooches*

I'm really quite nice. Really. *wink*

*Not really but nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion, eh?
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