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*removes own brain with a spork*

More bad dreams last night. The same one.

The same thing about killing my dog. She's lying there and I'm hitting her in the head with a rock and it's mashing her head up but she won't die. For some reason I'm thinking that I have to do it, that it's a mercy killing but it doesn't matter how much I do it she is still alive and looking at me and trying to get up. And it just goes on and on till I wake up.

Consequently today I feel pretty strange. Gonna go for a big walk and see if that helps.

Also, I met one of those gamer assholes - you know the kind, hides behind the anonymity of the game and is nasty to people. This person seems to have developed a crush on me and is going out of their way to make things unpleasant. I know, I know.. ignore him and he'll get bored and go away. Well, it's been four weeks and he's not bored yet. *sigh*

Someone tell me some good news please.. or send me cutesy pictures of bunnies or something.
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