tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Never mind the new year, just be happy!

Last night I dreamed that I was in a special task force looking for a molester who had molested one of my friends (I actually thought I was in a class to be inducted to a new job but apparently that was Just A Ruse). I never found the molester but I did find a sheep. Also, someone was teaching me how to cut my toenails and clean under them. As usual all my friends were there.

My friends page is full of restrospectives and introspectives and resolutions and self-admonishments. I have none of the above. I fully expect everything to continue this year as it did last year because all that is just fine by me. If I suddenly decide that I need more exercise, me-time or friends/money, I'll go out and get them when the need arises. MmmK?

Having said that, I saw the New Year in, attempting to meditate but mostly falling asleep, and thank you to the special people who weren't hell bent on drinking themselves stupid and avoiding being groped by pervy old men, and actually hung out with me. *smooch to you*

So, um, yeah.

Is it possible to buy text-only cellphones? I'd like to get one for Tommy.
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