December 22nd, 2016


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There's an LJ revival thing going on - ironically, on Facebook. But it inspired me to make a post.

This year I've struggled to post regularly. Main reasons for this include:

- moving to a contracting position where I'm actually busy at work and don't need to kill hours at a time
- feeling like everything I've wanted to say, you've all heard before anyway
- virtually none of my real-life friends post here any more, or read, which means that a lot of the funny shit that used to happen in comments doesn't any more and comment threads are often a bit awkward with people who don't know each other well posting things that are safe and supportive rather than challenging and/or amusing. It's really hard to come up with anything other than 'thanks!' to those, even though they are lovely and well meant
- feeling like I can't keep up with my flist and feeling guilty about posting and expecting commentary when I fail to comment on other people's posts.

I even thought about deleting it. But then I thought "Fuck it." I've kept this journal since 2003 for a reason, and it has some pretty major milestones in it. The deaths of both my parents, buying my first home, the day Trent Reznor convinced me to become an advocate for legal acknowledgement of responsible drug use, getting together with Dr Wheel, my first through 11th burns...

Yeah, so it's still here. Maybe I *do* have more to say. Maybe someone *is* still reading. And right now I am on holiday, with two glorious months of not-working stretched in front of me (thank you contracting for paying well enough to allow me to do this). I will be working, but it's volunteer work doing harm reduction at festivals, and keeping the data so we can prove that it's effective. I'm excited about this and grateful for the way things have miraculously aligned* to allow this to happen.

For today, instead of profundity, have a pic. This is a screenie from a video in which a friend and I swum around in a dive pool with a pole, a photographer, 250metres of tubular crin, and masses of chiffon. Proper pics to follow once we've gone through the proofs and picked out the ones we like. So far the winning shot has neither of our faces in it. Oops. :D

* When I say 'miraculously aligned' I actually mean 'I've worked my arse off on this for the last 8 years and finally people have noticed and got behind it.'