June 24th, 2016


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I'm not dead.

This week I got my first pay packet from my new contracting lark and the only thing I could think of to spend it on was socks and jocks. Until today when I bought a GoPro because fuckit, if I'm making more money then I should have videos of my pole practice that don't involve extreme close-up shots of my desk because my phone's fallen over, and actually include the whole pole instead of just the bottom half.

Turns out that when I can manage my own hours, I tend to stack them all at the start of the week and give myself a short day Friday. Working from home twice a week means I get to do the necessaries during the work week so the weekends are truly my own - and they start at lunchtime on Fridays.

In short, this rules.

It took my employer a month to offer me a permanent position. I politely declined. Contracting might be less stable but I'm getting an inkling of just how much work is out there, and I LOVE being in charge of how and where I work.

New Lease Of Life Tats is Newly Life-Leased.

(and has a gopro)