May 13th, 2016


(no subject)

Today is my last day of work. As of not very long from now, I'll be unemployed for two whole days. I'm inordinately excited about this.

On Monday I start learning about water reticulation for public supply. By the end of the contract I'll know exactly what's involved in it but still won't be able to do it. Such is the nature of my work.

Meanwhile, Osteodude has cleared me to start doing range of motion exercises with small kettlebells. I went to buy a 2kg and a 4kg and discovered that the tiniest weights are always pink. So now I have a teeny pink kettlebell and I felt like a right knob carrying it through town. I wanted to shout "I can do pullups, honest!" But naturally nobody else gives a fuck about my pink kettlebell paranoia because the only universe I'm the centre of is my own, so nobody actually noticed, never mind judged.

But still, why are the smallest weights always pink?