May 5th, 2016


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Today in Wellington it is raining properly for the first time since January. We've had rain (c'mon, this is New Zealand!) but last weekend when I dug over my garden for winter I was digging to fork depth and not striking damp soil. This is almost unheard of.

You betcha I'm saving seeds from the plants that survived this! Climate change, it's real yo!

Meanwhile, Wellington is hilly as. I mean, some houses are built using helicopters to deliver the materials hilly. And after four months with no penetrating rain, we are now experiencing a deluge that had me arriving at work with boots full of water, hair plastered to my head and my shirt a piebald mishmash of wet and dry bits - and that's from walking for half an hour in it wearing my kayaking gear and a builder's raincoat. What this usually means is that the hills will start slipping. Luckily the topsoil here is thin, so it's unlikely any houses will go with it, but what normally happens is that the Hutt motorway closes and traffic mayhem ensues.

It hasn't happened yet, but I bet by tomorrow morning it will have somewhere.

And over on the Twitters, the Taranaki St Puddle is having a fieldday.

Me, I've opted out of dance class in favour of home, pjs and a blankie. Sometimes you just have to