April 18th, 2016


In which I rock the false eyelashes like a boss

Now that it's had time to sink in, I'm still utterly stoked to have a new job. I know I've got a bunch of work to do to sort out how contracting works financially and set it all up so it's straightforward and minimum hassle, but the feeling of being free is really quite something.

One of the things I need is a laptop, because I'll be working remotely a lot of the time. Before I went looking for one, I set myself some parameters based on the bare minimum one needs for the type of work I'll be doing. Then I threw them out the window and bought a gaming capable machine. Because I have that much self control.

Actually it was mostly because once I ticked of all the 'must have' boxes (17" screen, min 4G memory, full size keyboard, at least 1TB storage), it was only another $200 for the same machine but with quad core CPU, 1920 x 1080 resolution, backlit keyboard, dedicated graphics, and 12G memory (which is only 4G less than my desktop gaming machine). So yeah, I was convinced by the shiny.


Yesterday I did a photoshoot for my birthday. It's not actually my birthday yet but in a couple of weeks I'll be 46. I think I'm pretty tidy for 46 and I wanted to capture some pics of me doing hard stuff because this injury* has made me realise I probably won't be able to be this active forever, and I wanted to record the fact that once upon a time I could do a split grip pencil from handspring for posterity.

Doing this involved false eyelashes. I've tried false eyelashes a number of times in the past and never managed to successfully get them to stick. This time I persisted and after 4 goes they were a) stuck on fully, and b) somewhere near my eyes. Job done! They really do make achieving the panda eyes look a lot easier, however they also leave behind gummy bits on your eyes. Apparently you can get this off with makeup remover, but I didn't know makeup remover was even a thing until someone told me about it last night. I have always used cold cream because of mostly only having used makeup for performance.

Anyway, we did some serious shots and some really silly cheesy ones. If any of them come out looking the way I always dreamed (ie I manage to look muscular, athletic, skilled, and also pretty and not at all red in the face*), I'll post them here.

* Turns out it originated back in 2010 when Smudge the gigantic sheep slammed me up against a wall, and it'll probably never be 100% so I'm going to have to work on strengthening all the little muscles around it to keep doing what I'm doing.

** I read some things about sports photoshoots to prepare, and I'm told that you get both sweaty because hard work, and red-faced because upside down. So you need quite thick makeup that won't run when you sweat. I have no idea how I did at this. I probably know the least about makeup of all the western ladies ever.