March 24th, 2016


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Yesterday I woke up from fear-of-abandonment dreams to the news about the bombings in Brussels and the knowledge that last week's ones in Turkey had been almost completely ignored by the media, and people arguing on the internet about which warmonger was the best one to lead the country that does the most bombing of other countries, and it was all a bit pants.

It was also 23 degrees. Apparently New Zealand has turned into Bali. My pole class went as predicted when you're literally running with sweat - I couldn't actually stick to the pole at all and everything I tried ended up with me in an undignified heap on the floor. Except handsprings, which are the hardest thing I know how to do. Luckily they still worked because otherwise I may have just gone home in frustration.

And then there was this, which made my day. Happy is into leg pressing ladies these days, in case you didn't know.
double side star