March 23rd, 2016


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Whenever there's an election in the US, the rest of us get bombarded with commentary about it. This doesn't happen the other way around. John Oliver is about the only person who notices when anything non-Hobbit-related happens in New Zealand, and it matters not a whit who our leader is because we don't have a significant impact on the conditions for the rest of the world.

Sadly, it's not like that the other way around. What happens in US elections does affect the rest of us, and even if we didn't care, the internet is so US-centric that we get all the commentary anyway.

The commentary I am reading is not making me confident that we'll be ok after y'all vote later this year.

I know there are probably not a lot of Trump supporters on my flist, but if you are considering voting for him, please consider that when someone talks about bombing the shit out of other countries, there are people in those other countries who will die if they follow through. I know NZ isn't likely to be on any list of Countries To Bomb, but the flow-on effects of the US's record of bombing the shit out of other countries hit here. My city has a whole suburb made up of people who've turned up here because their country was being bombed by the US.

Trump isn't the only one advocating continuing to bomb other countries, he's just the loudest.

I read a bunch of commentary this morning from people who are anti-Trump, which was essentially flinging insults at his supporters, calling them everything from neckbeards to 'whores and morons'. Now, I really really don't want that guy to be the leader of a country that has the power to affect my life, but the people supporting the alternatives who are making these comments seem no better. And if it's people like that who turn out to vote in a democracy* then it's people like that who'll be leading the US, regardless of what colour they wear.

It is entirely unsurprising to me that Justin Trudeau is so popular with people outside of the US and Canada. By comparison to pretty much every other politician we see news about**, he's a fricking saint. And really, all he's doing is meeting what I'd consider to be the minimum standards for a decent human being.

Surely being a decent human being should be the minimum standard for being allowed to stand for election?

* Yes I know there are plenty of folks who'll happily tell me the US isn't really a democracy any more. We can have that discussion another day ok? I'm venting.

** Bernie Sanders also appears to be pretty decent, but a lot of the really gross commentary I've seen about Trump supporters has come from his supporters - which doesn't bode well.