March 22nd, 2016


If you are female, you are feminine. End of story

On changing beauty standards and feminine muscularity. Also on how despite our best intentions, skinny female athletes generally get paid more than muscular ones.


Although I'm a bit weirded out by the hyperextension of her knee joints in this pic.

Anyway, yeah. I'm not Serena Williams level of muscular, but I build muscle fairly easily and have overdeveloped triceps from years of dagging sheep. I've always had muscular shoulders and I like them, I consider them to be my best feature. I can honestly say nobody's ever accused me of being unfeminine because of my shoulders, and I completely fail to understand why anyone would want to be anything but as athletic as they can be.

I have heard of women who won't use heavy weights at the gym because they are afraid of getting too muscly. That's mostly a myth - you have to have some pretty special genetics or use steroids to get heavily muscled as a woman. Most women will just develop shape to their muscles rather than size - they'll look strong but not like The Hulk. And I spend a lot of time with women who routinely push, pull, and lift their own bodyweight. That photo I posted yesterday is of two women who spend 3-4 hours a day doing this.

I dare anyone to tell them they aren't feminine.