March 18th, 2016


For those not in NZ, P is the kiwi word for methamphetamine

Cold damp homes, not P, the health culprit, says academic.

Fwiw, I think the headline is misleading. Cold and damp homes hurt far more kids' health (won't anybody think of the children?), but P contamination still exists and is a problem worth addressing.

Of course people do it in private houses for the same reason that people who are struggling with P don't come forward - it's Class A and that means possession is 6 months and $1000, manufacture is life. Life in NZ generally means at least 10 years.

P is a drug of poor people, and the laws around it make it easy to keep people poor. Neoliberal economics requires inequality, a desperate underclass that is easy to exploit to keep the cost of business down.

It bothers me that this happens because I know from my study that the poor are not using more drugs, they are just being disproportionately punished for doing what the middle class can afford to do with fewer consequences through having access to more expensive and less harmful drugs.