March 15th, 2016


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Not gonna lie, the hottest February on record made me happy.

I'm basically a lizard and I choose to live in a lizard-unfriendly city where even people from Scandinavian countries and Canada say they've never been colder in their life*, because the people here are amazing. I have found a family in a way I have never found family before and I freeze my arse off for that every winter (and about half of every summer). So, having a summer that was actually a summer, where for more than a month I got to walk to work without carrying my heavy jacket, where I could sleep with just a light duvet and where sitting reading a book didn't require a blanket, was awesome.

It's over now but it was great and I feel like a bad person for being thankful for climate change. I know we're doomed, I know that my privilege for living in a country that will still get some rain and is mountainous enough not to be affected by sea level rise is showing, and I know that I will probably be eating my words in 20 years' time. But this summer, for once I was consistently warm enough and for that I am thankful.

* We don't need no stinking insulation, apparently, because we are a Pacific island.