March 7th, 2016


You know what's annoying?

Well, lots of things probably, but what's annoying *me* right now is this.

For the last little while, there have been various agencies interested in the work I'm doing around pill testing. They all wanted my latest results, so I sent them. And once they have my results, not a peep. From any of them. Not even "Thanks Tats, we appreciate this." ZipZilchNada.

It's just rude. Especially since the only reason the results exist is because someone got off their arse and did the work *despite* the intertia of said agencies in making it happen themselves.

I don't care about credit, I don't want money. All I want is for a) things to change as a result of the work I'm doing, and b) for the people with the power to make that change to actually thank me for helping them do it.

I'm probably overreacting but I'm pissed off and since this is LJ, I'm going to share it.

If I've heard nothing in another couple of days, I'll follow up. Because fuckem.