March 4th, 2016



Nearly a year ago, I posted a gif on Tumblr of Dr Wheel dressed as Cullen from Dragon Age 2, getting his skirts blown up a la Marilyn Monroe.

It has become my most popular Tumblr post. Nearly 6,000 people have enjoyed Dr Wheel's undies in the last year. Clearly Tumblr is a haven of intelligence and taste.

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Not that offensive really.

Also, I feel like I should start videoing myself doing pole because sometimes I do something really starry and then I want to show people and I can only go "Hey look at this person doing a thing, I did the thing too and it was just like that!" and it's not the same.

As they say, pics or it didn't happen.

Here is a pic of a person doing the thing I did yesterday:

I did the thing too and it was just like that! Except without the nice backdrop and mood lighting and matching outfit and Fabio hair.