February 9th, 2016


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I survived Kiwiburn and I'm pretty sure it was the best one yet.

Harm reduction went swimmingly and I know for a fact that we changed the intention of at least one person by revealing to them what was actually in their sample.

Cleanup went amazingly well, especially given that two of our team flaked on us. Happy and I put in a 5 hour day, a 14 hour day, and an 11 hour one, and finished the moop sweeps in record time. Now I'm entering all the data (we photographed rubbish!) and contacting all the artists and theme camps about their report, before making the moop map.

Note to self: learn how to make interactive maps. Anyone know a good tool for this? I just want to shade an area, then have it clickable so a click will bring up a list of moop found, comments, and a photo.