January 8th, 2016


Adventures with moles

A couple of people have asked to be updated on my progress getting rid of moles*. I looked up various removal processes and it was looking to be a minimum of $500 to remove the ones I'd like to be rid of. That's a lot of money, so I started to explore various DIY options. I chose the two that have already ripped as my case studies, since the rest haven't actually offended me yet they can stay for the time being.

First I tried the freezy stuff from Scholl's. It's pretty straightforward and is more or less the same as the freezing process they use at the doctor's. It definitely froze them and one of them started to look quite unhappy, but 24 hours later they were both standing up and juicy as again.

So I tried richaarde's suggestion of strangling them to death. This works on the same principle as putting a rubber ring on lambs' balls - constrict their blood supply and they'll shrivel up and drop off. I didn't have any tiny rubber bands, so I used shirring elastic. It was a real mission getting it on, but eventually I did.

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So there you have it.  Self-doctorin' like a bawss!  Or like someone who's lost all faith in the medical system and is willing to tolerate a little pain and risk to save herself five hundred bucks.

* I should note that these are actually more likely to be skin tags than moles. They are loose and floppy, raised from the skin, and have a 'stalk' that is thinner than the main mass. The unusual thing about them that's made me think they might be moles, is that they're dark brown, and I'm pasty white. Skin tags are usually the same colour as the surrounding skin. So maybe they're mole tags. Anyway, it's obvious they don't have a root that goes down into the dermis, they are surface only.