January 7th, 2016


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Those of you who've been around a while will know of the ongoing saga of my son's father's failure to pay Child Support, and the farce that is the IRD attempting *cough* to retrieve it. My son is now 20 and has been living away from home for about 18 months.

For the last three months running, I've received chunks of between $500 and $600 more or less out of the blue. Clearly they've finally caught up with him and got some kind of thing on his wages. Which means he's earning money, in a reliable enough way to have an employer to approach.

Sorry, I'm too cynical to think he's paying voluntarily. Not after 7 years of him not, you know?

Anyway, in the past when this has happened it hasn't lasted longer than four consecutive months, so I'm not getting my hopes up. However, if he does manage to maintain it, the debt will be paid in about 16 months. In the meantime, every time I receive a payment I split it in half, put one half in savings, and send the other to the YoT*.

So it's delayed, but my offspring is finally getting some support from his father, and it's probably more useful to him now that he has adult responsibilities and bills to pay, than it was back when he was a kid.

This is me being optimistic. How'm I doing?

* Youth of Today. My son's name in my LJ.