November 20th, 2015


Drinking coffee in my activewear

I bought a foam roller.  I have never done foam rolling before and the process was punctuated with me going "Ow!" indignantly as I rolled around on it, but afterwards I was all "MMMmmm..." because it's nice.  I suspect I'm a convert.

Other things I never expected to be a convert to - leg warmers.  I have never felt the need to warm just my legs.  In fact, I'm not generally a sweaty person but the two places I do sweat freely from are my face and my shins. Yes.  I didn't know this till I started pole but since they are the things you use for climbing it's really noticeable when they are sweaty and I apparently have excessively sweaty shins.  Go figure.

So anyway, leg warmers seemed a bit pointless to me - that is, until I decided that my Dance Routine of Nooby Doom needs a splits in it, and so I'd better start working on being able to do the splits.  This involves lots of time sliding around on hard wooden floors with my legs splayed in an ungainly manner, and bruises on the tops of my feet.  Padding seemed like a good plan.

And since I have zero dance experience (unless you count belly dance or the three hip hop classes I've muddled my way through), I also joined a choreography class.

*brief choreography interlude follows*  The class involved dancing with your eyes shut, followed by picking four moves at random and attempting to put them together into a sequence by including other steps and filler, and then showing each other our sequences.

*back to the leg warmers* The showing each other part was great, until I got cold sitting around in basically a bra and shorts, and my towel only covered my midriff and I was still cold.  So - leg warmers.  They warmed my legs, as advertised.  And since my shins had sweated on them (damn you excessively sweaty shins!) I bought them.

They are handknitted in purple and cream and pink stripes, with a row of little black hearts* up the back.  Yes they do look every bit as tacky as that sounds, and I love them for it.  I wore them to make coffee at 6am this morning, and then got back into bed in them, and only narrowly avoided wearing them to work**.

I think it's fair to say I am a leg warmer convert.  Words I never thought I'd say, right there.

* I thought they were bats and that's part of the reason I bought them.  But at least the hearts are black so my goth aspirations have not been completely foiled.
** Wellington is just coming out of Shitsville and heading into Spring 2.  Yesterday it was sunny and warm and still.  Today it's 11 degrees and we've a light spring breeze of 50km/h.  Vis:

Wellington seasons

[edit] They just changed the forecast to predict gusts of up to 120km.  So now it's a bit windy by Wellington standards.