November 2nd, 2015


The result of the weekend's intensive acro sessions

Apart from my sore bum I mean. Whips involve significant amounts of butt-clenching, it turns out. On the upside, if I keep it up I'll be able to crack walnuts between my butt cheeks. Because that's a useful life skill, yes?

Anyway, we think we invented a new pose. Witness the Open Box:
open box
(done by happy and me)

As opposed to the closed box, or mushroom pose:
(done by some people who aren't us)

Name might need some work, especially because everyone was calling it Wendy's Open Box.  *cough*

Tonight I'm having a night off.  Well, I'm shifting furniture in Tonka, because any excuse to drive it right?

Also, we watched Chappie.  Now I think Dr Wheel should cosplay it, and go round carrying a rubber chicken and running up to people shouting "Why you steal my Daddy's car?"  He would totally be my hero if he did this.  *hinthint*

Happy says he is impressed with Die Antwoord's dedication to maintaining their identity.  I'm just impressed with Die Antwoord.