October 30th, 2015



* I can almost handspring-to-ayesha. When I can do it, it'll look like this:

I'm getting a moment of suspension! It's not the sort of thing you can practice for long because *hard*, but yay!

* We bought a ute. It's got a big deck. We called it Tonka. Vis:


Silly gender-normative pics to follow.

* Last night I went to a beginners hip hop class. Now I know that I should actually be attending pre-beginners class (which I don't think actually exist). I am pretty much the most unco person in the world once the beat goes past about 150bpm.

* We are actually getting quite good at acro. We can chain crocodiles for about 6 in a row now. We're doing a whips workshop on the weekend. Whips involve timing. Timing isn't our strong suit, so I expect much laughter and some bruises.

* I like that commentary from those who see us practicing is that we always look like we're having a good time. I see so many acro partners arguing with each other and getting angry about who needs to fix what to achieve the goal. Seems like our goal is mostly to enjoy ourselves, and that makes it far more fun.

* Planted the vegies a couple of weeks ago and it stopped raining. I'd just given up on my beans coming up when we finally got a good soak and now things are popping up all over the place! Yay!

* This means we're mowing the lawn weekly. Boo.

Does someone want to come mow our lawn?