September 9th, 2015


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Last night I did a number of deadlifted shoulder mounts in a row. I'm getting stronger! I swear I saw an ab or two in there somewhere...

I am not, however, getting any more graceful. Natural grace isn't one of my talents. Strong, yes. Impressive, yes. Graceful, not even, au!

So if and when I ever feel like I'm good enough to start performing, I suspect I'll be looking at men's choreo for inspiration, because women's seems to be all either sexy or graceful and I lean more towards grunty and comedic. Hmm.

Also, I miss acro. Happy's been away at Burning Man and I am not an acro-skank because I am weird about being touched by strangers, so I've done no acro for three weeks. I'm looking forward to being upside down without having to hold myself up* with my hands.

* Scared the crap out of my pole instructor when I discovered, while trying to do caterpillar, that on pole you actually *do* have to hold yourself up with your hands. Luckily I know how to breakfall.

And for those of you who wanted a video of Tensegrity, here's one from the last night of the festival, when Dr Wheel threw caution to the wind and ran it as fast as the electric motor could go: