August 26th, 2015


One month check-in

Today it's been one month since I gave up on my doctor in disgust because she was insisting that I was depressed and all my weird symptoms were a product of that, against my view that the depression was a symptom of something else, along with all the other things.

Test results pointed vaguely towards something adrenal-y, which naturally isn't accepted by the medical fraternity, and I officially turned into one of those fruitcakes who self-diagnose with non-accepted illnesses and thus should probably be derided for my ignorance, or something.

My 'treatment' involved reducing stress (since the mythical adrenal fatigue is mythically caused by ongoing stress), and following a diet that's focused around maintaining stable blood sugar and thus reducing demand on the adrenal glands - it's more or less paleo with dairy and carbs, so lots of protein, fat, complex carbs, vegetables, and cutting out sugar, processed food, white flour products, and starchy vegies. So on top of being an ignorant fruitcake, I'm now also a horse food nut (if horses were carnivorous).

Anyway, because I'm not actually ignorant, or a fruitcake, I gave myself a month to see if I could observe any difference in my symptoms.

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So the jury's still out on some of the things, but overall I'm feeling significantly better. I like what this experiment is doing for me overall, and it's certainly not doing any harm, so I'll keep it up and see where it takes me.

In other news, last night I deadlifted a shoulder mount with straight legs for the first time. Stoked!