July 29th, 2015


I got published!

The BZP study that started in 2008 finally got published this week. Here it is for those who are interested. It's on page 10 and is called Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches, which I think is a silly name but hey, second author, and it being my first publication, I'm not about to get nitpicky about that too much.

In other news, I did my first one of these last night:

Turns out being already fairly strong and flexible helps a lot with pole. And in acro news, on Monday we pulled off what we're calling one-foot high candle, for which I can only find this crappy little photo so we should take one of our own:

So, day 5 of not doing study and eating like a train, and I feel quite a lot better. I'll believe it's connected to the changes I've made if I still feel consistently better after a month, but so far it's looking pretty positive.