July 27th, 2015


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So after my post yesterday, I was unfriended by someone who is a doctor. I could be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 27, I could have just got really boring lately, but it looked to me like one of those quitting to avoid an argument situations, because I've turned into someone who thinks I know better than trained professionals, who reads the internet and self-diagnoses, and who won't be told.

It's ok, I recognise how infuriating that is. Reading comments about whether or not prisoners should be allowed to vote makes me want to go all stabby too, because I'm a trained criminologist and I like to think my education is worth something, so seeing laypeople wax eloquently on topics they aren't trained in can be frustrating - especially when if their advice were taken it could lead to further harm. I get it, I really do.

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So yeah, I understand that people who read the internet are a source of frustration for doctors, with their half-baked, untrained ideas. But I think doctors need to understand that dismissing patients' ideas out of hand in favour of a diagnosis that the patient feels is incorrect, with no explanation or discussion, is incredibly frustrating and disempowering. And for me, it chases me away. I have no desire to spend another 15 minutes (and another $63) trying to convince my doctor I know myself well enough to judge whether or not I'm depressed.

And if going to the doctor is pointless enough to be not worth doing, I'm left with trying to figure it out for myself.

Sue me.