June 29th, 2015


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Here is a picture of Death progress. I've been working on Death since late last year, and it's finally starting to come together. This is the first part of his shroud in the making:

It's calico layered with cheesecloth, and is intended to end up looking like grave clothes - kind of raggy and floaty. I'll also have to dye it, because Death's robes are royal blue and purple. Which means ombre dyeing, which I've never done.

First time for everything, right? And I couldn't work out a way to do the dyeing before I made the clothing, so it'll be a lot of careful gathering and pegging I think, along with some judicious fabric painting, to get the colours right.

Meanwhile, the scythe is on detail painting, the wings and bones are on final coat, and the belt and its various dangly bits are about half done. I have until the end of October.

Sometime in there I also have to write 2 x 6000 word essays. Yay.