June 26th, 2015


Pretty annoyed with Patrick Rothfuss right now

I just finished reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things. For those who aren't aware, this is a book by the author of The Kingkiller Chronicles but isn't part of the series. It's a novella that explores one of the characters from the main series, Auri, more deeply.

Auri is an enigmatic character and I was keen to find out more about her, and this book delivers.

Collapse )

Sadly, that was a very jarring and smelly piece of crap writing that mars an otherwise unusual and delightful book, one that is worth reading for anyone who's interested in the world Rothfuss has created and finding out more about Auri.

I'm just going to try and pretend that line isn't in there. But you're on notice, Rothfuss. Consider yourself told.