March 4th, 2015


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Uni started yesterday. Cue me going to the lecturer's office instead of the seminar room because that's what was printed on the cover of the course outline. Luckily I am Tats The Chronically Early and was able to find the room before it all started.

I'm looking forward to being able to research like a boss grown-up, but I'm also undermining myself already by going "So does that mean primary research? Or something else? What if I do it wrong? Eek!"

Which is silly because there'll be details and info that tells me that stuff and once the first assignment's over, I have 6 countem 6 whole months to do it. Luxury! Now about that first assignment..

We have to review a book. Academically. In 2000 words, by 2 April. That's less than a month. I'm worried because I'm a slow reader due to not having a lot of time - normally it takes me at least 2 weeks to read a book even with concerted effort. And somehow during that time I also have to become familiar with current issues, theories, and debates in youth criminology, then apply them intelligently to this book. Yeah um.

This is the book I've chosen:

It's about the normalisation of drug use as a recreational pastime among young people in the UK. This is a 2011 follow-up to a major study done in the late 1990s, checking back with the same cohort to see what's changed, how and why. Not *exactly* a youth crime text, but in my field and the lecturer has OK'd it. Probably because she knows it'll force me to think in order to produce a relevant review. I am a masochist.

Also, the course readings weigh about 5kg and the first lot took me 2 hours. I have two courses this year, so I guess I can expect to be spending another 2 hours tomorrow night on the other readings. And then somehow finding time to read a) this damn book, and b) the theories I need to use to review it.

EEK. I am going to spend the rest of my life doing nothing but reading, I can just see it.

Yeah yeah yeah, self inflicted, no sympathy. I get it. *runs off flailing arms*