February 17th, 2015


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University starts in a couple of weeks. Naturally I'm checking Blackboard for course outlines and assessment requirements and such, and naturally with still 2 weeks to go there's nothing there. Naturally this is making me go *gnng* because I am Tats the Perpetually Overprepared, and I need my advance course outline damnit!


Meanwhile, on the weekend I was yet again embarrassed by my super-crappy listening and speaking skills in Finnish. I can read it quite well now, and write well enough to make myself understood. But when people find out I'm learning it, sometimes someone busts out their own unsuspected skills and I can't understand them or formulate a response quickly enough to avoid feeling like an idiot.

So I'm refocusing my efforts into listening/speaking skills. rivet, who is experienced in learning hard languages (Thai), suggested I find kids' shows on YouTube and listen to them to familiarise myself with the cadence and structure of the spoken language as well as getting an ear for the accents and fast-talking of natural language (as opposed to That Language Lesson Lady). So I did.

I found this:

My Swedish friend tells me it's a Nordic phenomenon and she grew up on this and that they are basically a troll family that has adventures and learns about friendship. I was a bit WTF to start with, but they are cute and the story is interesting enough to keep me entertained, and I managed to pick about one in ten words. They say "Of course" and variations of it, a lot. I could get the greetings, and when they talk about flowers. Early days yet though, and there are enough of these shows that by the end I should be able to get the drift of what they're talking about, right? Right?

Also, they remind me a little of the monsters, but more civilised. ;-)