February 16th, 2015


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Foo was quite interesting. I learned some new things and met some new people and was heartened to find how many people shared my interest in drug policy. I was surprised and pleased to be approached by several people after our talk (Why is harm reduction so hard?) to discuss it further, and it seems that our pill testing data may have some mileage potential should we choose to take it further. Makes me have more enthusiasm for studying this year, and gives me another option for doctorate research.

It was nice to get a couple of days away from Kiwiburn stuff.

The weekend highlighted for me how much my deaf ear is affecting my communication these days. I found that telling people I'm deaf in one ear alleviated a lot of their frustration, but little of mine. And I really am deaf now. I tested it yesterday sitting across from Dr Wheel in an almost-empty cafe (about a metre apart). I blocked my good ear, and then couldn't make out what he was saying. I could get snippets, but not enough for real comprehension. People's voices vary in how easy they are to pick up and I know that Dr Wheel's is quite difficult, but if I can't hear someone sitting right there, that counts as deaf.

So as soon as I'm back on student health, I'm having another go at finding out what the problem is. I have about a 90% chance of not getting a diagnosis (random deafness is like that) but maybe I'll get referred to services that can help me cope or give support of some kind. It's weird - my other ear has normal hearing, so I'm technically not deaf - but it's amazing how losing the use of one ear affects how you interact with the world.

I am now Intensely Staring Listener Lady, and my head's cocked on one side for a reason. I will also swap sides when walking so I can hear my companion, hold the phone in the same hand I write with (argh!), and invade people's personal space in order to hear them.

Fun times!