February 9th, 2015


Every weekend should be three days

This weekend was a long weekend in NZ, as we celebrated (or protested, or ignored) NZ's chequered colonial history, which involved being the first Commonwealth nation formed by treaty instead of conquer. Said treaty was then ignored, misinterpreted, used as a weapon against the indigenous people, and finally signed into law, and has been a topic of heated debate ever since. Mostly people going "We're supposed to be bicultural, why are Maori so marginalised?" and others going "Racism is over, why do we have this Waitangi thing anyway?"

So yeah, a three day weekend, in which I took to the garden to tackle the driveway hedge, which had become overhanging enough to resemble the entrance to a haunted house. Also, the trees were dropping their leaves in my flower beds and killing the plants. Something had to be done, so I did this:

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Meanwhile, on Saturday I found myself feeling internal pressure to be productive, to *do something* before I ran out of time. I realised that it's because it was my second day off and so it felt like Sunday. Then I realised that we're so inured to the 5 days of work, 2 days off pattern that we (or I do anyway) instinctively try to cram as much as we can into that short space, because it's all we get. Weekends are apparently for getting shit done, because we spend so much of our lives working that if we want to achieve anything we have to push ourselves to be productive on the weekend.

I resent that. I was actually more productive when I wasn't forced to fit all my own stuff into two days a week, when I could decide for myself how I wanted to spend my time and there was no sense of urgency. I enjoyed my life more and felt a lot more authentic to the way I want to be.

So in my performance review pre-report thingy last week I noted that I want to work a four day week. Even though I know I can achieve as much in four days as I do in five, I suspect I'd have to take a pay cut. Right now I think it'd be worth it for the sake of my own happiness. But word on the ground is my chances are slim. Not sure how to respond to that.

* Friends with a house that we spend a fair bit of time in, that has a fireplace. I like being warm.