January 29th, 2015


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We got back from Kiwiburn on Monday and I've been mulling over what came out of it this year for me and I realised that I really enjoy making performance art. Random performance art, the kind that happens without the expectation of an audience. Only a few people saw me brushing the teeth of the Effigy with our giant Brushy Brushy toothbrush every morning, but those who did were randomly entertained without prior expectation.

My art was difficult to photograph and I kind of like that there are very few pictures of it around because it means you had to be there to see it. Tangle and Dangle did a set at Rockstar Dreams, and about 20 people gathered and watched it, and walked away laughing and going "Random!"

I really like being part of making that stuff happen. I like it more than the type of performance that has a group of people waiting to be entertained, somehow. I'd like to do more of it.

Immediacy. That's what I've brought home from Kiwiburn, I think.