January 12th, 2015


(no subject)

I'm not dead.

There's a good chance lots of people aren't checking this any more though, because it's been the longest gap in posting ever. Dunno if I'll go back to daily yet.

Things that have happened:

- Received a draft of the BZP article for edits - I had thought this was a dead dog, but if I get this sorted in the next few days it'll be submitted to journals for (hopefully) publication this year.

- Made All The Things. I will post photos at some point, but there's quite a pile including my renegade art project for Kiwiburn, a costume that I didn't know I was going to make, a festival waistcoat for Dr Wheel, some large scale fake drugs, a giant toothbrush, and the boofiest tutu ever. Seriously, it's boofy. Check it out:

- Forgot what day I was supposed to go back to work. It was today. I am here but only because I emailed one of my colleagues and asked if I was supposed to be.

- Got my mojo back. It's still pretty fragile and I still don't know where I'll be by the end of this year, career wise, but I feel better about myself in general.

- Listened to a lot of Melissa Etheridge. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed her music. Also, while my singing voice is still very mediocre, I can now hit the high notes while singing along that I couldn't when I was a smoker. This is the only difference I've really noticed between smoking/not smoking in terms of my health and abilities.

- Didn't go fishing. Remember how I live in the windiest city in the world? Yeah. It was windy. Every bloody day. Except one, where I was already too busy to get the boat out. It will happen though, before the end of summer.

Anyway, hi. I hope you had a good New Year.