December 23rd, 2014


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This year we have to work Christmas Eve. Based on the lack of traffic on my walk to work, most people finished work last Friday. After the ridiculous half-a-day-followed-by-lunch thing that every workplace seems to do, I am off work for 16 whole, glorious days. Then I'm back at work for a week, then it's Kiwiburn.

The thing I am most looking forward to is waking up and deciding for myself what I'll spend my time doing. It's no secret that I resent how much work encroaches on my ability to pursue my own interests, how I have to squeeze my own things around this huge timesink that is earning a living. To the point where a big interest these days is Not Working.

I want to go fishing, play games, hang out in my garden, make costumes, and spend all morning in bed if I want. But mostly I want to have those options open to me. Whether I actually use them or not is moot.

For those in the NH, our Christmas holidays are actually kind of cool because it's summer, so getting out and about and doing things is both possible and pleasant.

Why can't it be today?