December 8th, 2014


Diverting the forebrain is good for the soul

As you can imagine, I spent my weekend mostly in another world. It's having precisely the effect I'd hoped - it's giving me a holiday from my life (which has been very stressful lately), it's forcing me to rest physically, and it's engaging my mind with exciting adventures that don't have real-world consequences, which allows me to run my deep processor in the background without the usual ego-interference. SRS BSNS!

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And in case you think I did nothing but play games all weekend, I also made progress on the Magic Carpet, learned a couple of new acro moves, and lifted the bulbs from my outdoor pots and replanted them with calendulas and dwarf dahlias, then added the last of those to the flower beds to fill gaps.

I like calendulas, they're self-seeding.