December 4th, 2014


The real reason I play games

Last night in my game, I got chased by a giant cow thing called a druffalo. Because I shot at it. OK I shot at it more than once. Turns out they are heavily armoured and don't like being shot at. And they are immune to my main spell.

Normally in games if you run far enough, the thing chasing you will give up. Turns out that this isn't the case with druffalo. Either that or my puny mage legs couldn't get enough distance between me and this thing to make it stop. It chased me all the way back to the village and into a house. Then it got its horns stuck in the wall after charging me, and I hit it with my staff till it died.

Tonight I'm going to bait one and see what happens if I lead it into the Chantry.

Quests, what quests? Druffalo!