December 3rd, 2014


Yay! Finally!

So here is Kestrel, who is third in my line of human mages named after birds.

Her hair is yellower and her eyes greener than they appeared in the character creator, and as usual Dragon Age has managed to produce the ugliest hairdos ever, but I do like the amount of customisation you can do, and am relatively happy with her face. Kind of disappointed my favourite asymmetrical tattoo wasn't available, but this one's pretty cool.

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In other news, I am still recovering from Spinfluence. It's surprising how little I thought I did compared with how much my body's telling me I did.

Also, the official first day of summer in NZ, it was 8 degrees outside and alternating between rain and wind. Welcome to Wellington, we have weather!

Finally, I realised it's only 3 weeks till I get a good long break from work. This makes me happy, and will also make my garden happy. Speaking of which, it now has broccoli, tomatoes, spring onions, peas, beans, courgettes, squash, spinach, leeks, silverbeet, and, um, something else I planted but didn't mark and won't be able to identify till it gets a bit bigger. Also, flowers!

Meanwhile, I'll be in my bunk. Where bunk means computer chair, freezing sheep.