November 24th, 2014


Some days I don't have the energy, some days I do

Last week on the site where I'd pre-ordered my copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition, I noticed that they had it listed as a gift idea 'for him'. Naturally I was a bit incensed by this, so I left a comment on the page saying basically "Oi, lots of women play Bioware games, howzabout a bit of recognition? This game is for everyone!"

Enter a bloke who made it his mission to prove me wrong that women are a significant market for games. He was.. quite rude about it.

I didn't want to participate in a flamewar on Mighty Ape's page, because they are a good company and have already responded to me about the 'for him' thing saying that they are in the planning stages of changing their gift recommendations to be non-gender-based. I respect their good service and since I think having a flamewar on someone's page is rude, I invited the guy to come over to my page to have his debate. I made a public post that allows comments from anyone, and invited him to come present his evidence.

Hilarity ensued.

Here is the post in its entirety, in case you're interested in watching a train wreck in slow motion. Or, in case you need any further evidence of the type of thing that happens when a woman speaks up about sexism in gaming on the internet. I mean yeah, rape threats and death threats get in the news, but this guy up here is more typical of the day to day stuff that doesn't make the news, the far more common and constant unfounded opposition that makes it so exhausting to continue speaking up. And the reason that lots of women can't be arsed even bothering.

Me, I have the view that if women don't bother, these deluded fools will be able to easily continue with their delusion. I have to pick my battles because I'm not always up for dealing with this sort of thing. Somedays I just don't have the energy. Other days, well.. see for yourself. Or don't.

I wasn't deliberately troll-baiting. At least, not till I realised what a prime example of Entitled Ignorant Prat I was actually dealing with. Now, his words are on the internet for everyone to see. I'm not above naming and shaming when someone is so keen to do it to themselves. Happy to facilitate!