November 10th, 2014


First world problems

I received my offer of study from Victoria last week. Yay.

Normally I'd have accepted it immediately. This time? I've let it sit there for several days already, while experiencing a shitload of anxiety around it. On the upside, I don't have to accept it till January. On the downside, the longer I take to decide the more stress I'll put on myself.

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And then there's the bit where the thought of writing any more academic essays makes me go "OHGODNO!" I realise this is partly because my last year of university was a mess of juggling topics so that I could get the major I needed to do postgrad, and thus I ended up doing topics that I had zero interest in, that made my brain melt.

It may not be like that in Honours, I realise. But it's my basis of experience and it's offputting.

Aren't I just a little ray of sunshine? There's a reason for that, but that's another post. I'm sure if I drag myself out of this mental hole I'll feel more positively towards study.

I have till January. Wish me luck.